Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Sir, I'm sorry to say you've tested posititve as a Political Junkie. "25 POINT BONUS. Fearing a federal bank probe into his Lincoln Savings & Loan, Charles Keating contacted five of his political allies in the US Senate, asking them to intervene in the matter. These Senators became known as the "Keating Five." For 5 points each, name them. A: Dennis DeConcini, John McCain, Alan Cranston, Donald Reigle, John Glenn "Wright was forced from office in 1989 for accepting royalties on a book that he did not write or for that matter sell through normal channels -- lobbyists bought it in bulk. It was a scam to avoid House rules. He also had his wife on a bogus payroll -- and there was something about her relationship with a Fort Worth developer" Not bad. Not bad at all. I said I wasn't sure about Keating's first name and how to spell DeConcini.

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