Thursday, January 24, 2002

SermonWatch- (delayed but not forgotten)- The sermon proper was on seeking God. A key point was a quote (that Pastor Milton attributed to Oprah but came up empty on Google) "You become what you think about most." Very true. I've been blogging too much and being with God too little this week, and Eileen noticed, gently calling me on it last night after church. Today, I still blogged a lot while programs were running at work but made sure to get some "quite time" in today. I was reading in Matthew 7, and made the edifier for today verses 13-14. The narrow road may not be sexy or popular, but is the most rewarding in the long run. The most interesting point came before the sermon, when the worship leader was talking about reading Leviticus 5, comparing the offerings that had to be made by the priests to get close to God while we have a built-in high priest in Jesus. My thought-the Levitical priests had a rite to approach God; through Jesus' blood , we have a right to approach God.

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