Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Majoring on the majors- Kevin's post of this morning nails the point. We need to present our arguments "with humility and character not arrogance and disdain"-nothing turns off Jane Undecided more than the brimstone-merchants that would set up shop on the commons of almost every campus I've been on. I'm reminded of an old Huey Lewis song, "Jacob's Ladder," where a verse goes something like this: "It's coming over the airwaves. The man says I'm overdue. Sing a song, send some money, join the chosen few. Mister, I'm not in a hurry, and I don't wanna be like you!" We need to present the Gospel in such a way that songwriter Bruce Hornsby will want to be like us. He notes that "some of the doctrinal issues Mark noted (dispensationalism, eschatology, etc) have a greater temptation towards isolation, resentment, and conflict, [and] can lead to a Gnostic belief that you alone have the answers." Gnostic theology and fundamentalist theology, while distinctly different, do have the tendency for giving a nasty pride in knowing more than others do. Also, he more you dwell upon more minor theological points, the less time you spend on the important ones. I'd rather have a visiting agnostic get a good sermon on the divinity of Jesus and his substitionary death than a second of a five part sermon on the end-times. Good job, sir. My apologies for the harshness. Thanks for the permalink on the side.

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