Thursday, January 17, 2002

Kevin points out an excellent article from John Derbyshire (he would be a interesting diner guest) on guns. He gives four possible levels of gun control:(1) Everybody has a gun.(2) Nobody has a gun.(3) Criminals have guns but law-abiding people don't.(4) Law-abiding people have guns but criminals don't. Short of a police state, #2 impossible, and so is #4 since criminals will steal guns. Britain is trying #3 and Derb lays out facts on the increasing crime rates in his soon-to-be-former country (he's up for U.S. citizenship shortly). That leaves us with #1. If rephrased, "everyone can have a gun", I'm with you. I'm not an NRA member and haven't fired anything with more kick than a BB gun, but I feel safer knowing that a few of the good guys are packing heat.

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