Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Just Another NORML Day- I've tried Wacky Tobaccy a handful of times as a college kid as well as participating in a few megakeggers, and in my opinion, DWS is worse than DWI. The statute of limitations are well over for both cases (early 80's). I do recommend that marijuana laws stay on the books. The numbing effect of pot slogs down too many lives for me to favor legalization. I'd be softer on early offenders, looking more at rehab than jail time, but keep it illegal. Call me a statist nanny, call me a prude, call me late to dinner. On the drug rehab front, Teen Challenge does a good job with a evangelical rehab framework. It's one thing to have the generic 'higher power" in a 12-step program; TC (open to 20+ people despite the name) names good-ol'-Yahweh as that higher power. works on bring the client closer to God and making the Holy Spirit the best drug councilor in the universe. If the addict isn't of a religious bent, this won't work well, but it does have a much higher success rate than secular programs. I am willing to look into marijuana as a anti-nausea drug, if it can be shown effective and safe in clinical testing, rather than relying on anecdotal "munchies" evidence. Also, no off-label prescriptions from Dr. Feelgood.

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