Friday, January 25, 2002

The IRB had two interesting sports pieces, the one on HORSE-I'm old enough to remember the CBS halftime shows-Westphal's trick was that he was fairly ambidextrous and would hit short jumpers and layups with his off hand. The other piece was onthe expansion draft. Charlie Batch has been injury prone and underachieving the last few years, while McMahon became the boy wonder at QB late in the season. Some good bangs for the buck on that list. Troy Walters, Terry Kirby, Batch (pick a good QB as #1 and let Batch be the regent until the prince is ready to rule) , Jesse Armstead, Santana Dotson, Danny Wuerffel (as a #2/#3), Tim Biakabutuka (if healthy), Jamal Anderson(ditto). Thought on the IRB-it has two adjectives in its name, thus won't likely live up to them. It must be a rich dictatorship.

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