Saturday, January 19, 2002

Introduction to Dr. Mark Byron (updated 4-12-02) Schooling - B.S. Major: Political Science, Minor:Economics- Central Michigan University (1982) B.B.A.-Majors: Finanace and Accounting (double major) Minor:Computer Mathematics -Saginaw Valley State University (1988) M.B.A- Major:Finance-Michigan State Univeristy (1990) Ph.D.-Business Administration- Major-Finance Minor-International Economics- Kent State University. (1996) Recent Employment- After graduating from KSU, my father and I started up a computer store; I taught at SVSU and Great Lakes College on the side. It lasted 2.5 years when we ran out of working capital and sanity at the same time. Shortly thereafter I started working in the finance department of Flint's Hurley Medical Center, where I've been for three years. I will start work in July as an Assistant Professor of Business at Warner Southern College. Political Philosophy- I'm generally a free-market, dynamist neoconservative. I'm not a fan of the death penalty, term limits or balanced budget amendments, but otherwise, I'm a fairly typical neocon. My dad, Tom, was a Democratic activist, (State Rep nominee '70 and '72, Midland country chair '76, briefly a Congressional candidate '81) who's become conservative over the years. I grew up as a neolib, card-carrying Democrat, but a combination of being "born-again" in '85 and going to business school (more the latter) turned me into a conservative. As an spiritual agnostic, I was surprisingly conservative on social and foreign policy issues, but voted for Mondale in '84 on economics. Business school showed me that businessmen weren't any more evil than the rest of us, and voted for Bush pere in '88. I have voted for just one Democrat since then. My studies of economics (check out the Quantum Econ posts) in graduate school reinforced this Personal Status/Testimony-I was fighting depression after getting my BS, having little to show on the resume for three years after graduation but failed attempts at grad school. In 1985, my dad who went from being a aloof agnostic to being a on-fire, spirt-filled born-again Pentecostal. He presented when I didn't get as a Methodist kid-that we're imperfect sinners, that God is perfect and that he send a subset of Himself (not just the Son of God but part of God), Jesus, to die and bridge that gap. He also showed what the Holy Spirit could do; taking a curmudgeon and making him the loving dad I never really had growing up. That summer, I said "I'm not doing anything with my life, Jesus, you take it and run with it.” I went back to school, got active in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship on campus and gradually put my depressive past behind me. Eleven years later, I was Dr. Byron. Theologically I'm a Bapticostal, (half Baptist, half Pentecostal) . I'm currently going to New Life Vineyard Church in Midland. Never married, no kids, engaged to the lovely and gracious Eileen, who I met through a young-adult group at the Vineyard. July 6, 2002 is the wedding date. I’ve found a soul mate; a fellow intellectual and soft-heart with a B.A. in English and a Masters in Christian Education, we get along all too well. Having her in my life is the second most important thing in my life. With Eileen in the picture, 2001 was the best year of my life. My new professor position, the promice of a lovely wife and the friends I've made via blogging are making 2002 look to be even better.

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