Friday, January 18, 2002

If you go over the top-prepare for the machine gun fire. The Junkyard Blog, Bryan Preston, has done so by rhetorically sending the Turkish army Riyadh-bound. Here comes my loving (I do like the guy) AK-47 fire. First, give them to Jordan, not Turkey; the Hashemites were the traditional keepers of the holy cities. Second, I'm not quite on-board with "the Saudis have been behind UBL and Sept 11th all along." If you take the "the" out, and make it "Saudis have been behind", you are most likely right; high level clerics and members of the huge royal family were (probably) giving support to al Qaeda. Whether the collusion reached high enough to justify an invasion is a good question. I'd like a little more concrete evidence before justifying an overthrow but it's getting mighty close.

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