Wednesday, January 16, 2002

"Hi. My name is Mark, and I'm a, sniff, Political Junkie"- Just read Papa Blog's Fox piece on Enron and got to the following line. "In five years, no one will remember this. Well, no one except political junkies, and even they will have trouble keeping the details straight. (Don’t believe me? Try naming all 5 of the “Keating Five” and explaining what they were supposed to have done wrong; explain the Jim Wright scandal; tell me what the prosecution of James Beggs was about and why he was acquitted. No fair using Google.)" Scout's honor, went straight here-here's what's in the memory banks. Keating Five- John McCain, Dennis Deconcini (sp?)(D-Arizona), Alan Cranston (D-California), John Glenn( D-Ohio) and Don Reigle (D-Mich). John(?) Keating was a S & L owner in Arizona whose institutions cratered in the late 80s, the five senators intervened (to various degrees, McCain the least, speculation at the time it should be the Keating Four, but they wanted a Republican) with FSLIC regulators to try to get them to go easy on his thrifts. Jim Wright-wrote lame book of anecdotes that institutional supporters (like unions) bought in bulk to send royalty money his way. Also, he arraigned a cushy, little-work. patronage job for his wife in Washington. I'm drawing a blank on Beggs, but I think my addiction has been identified.

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