Friday, January 18, 2002

He Used to Suck-and Now He's Gotten Worse-I didn't know Tim Cavanaugh's history when I read the blog-instafamous "Let Slip the Blogs of War", giving him the 15 minutes of blog fame that Mr. Antiwar got yesterday. I remember linking to an article or two in Suck and wasn't impressed-the name itself implied a perniciously cocky attitude that grates on my sensibilities. The blog piece actually is fairly good if a bit acerbic-if I were introduced to blogs by this piece, I'd try a few links to see what was there, and gotten hooked. I checked the Blogs folder in my bookmarks file and saw Instapundit dated October 20; I remember linking from one of Reynolds' paying jobs (either Fox or NRO), and gradually broke out across Blogistan. Less than three months later, I'm starting my own. Blogs allow the inner pundit to get out and have some fun. In the past, if you heard a story that got your goat of gave you a chuckle, you were often left talking to yourself, daydreaming of writing a column or having a chair on a pundit show. Now, you have an outlet for your thoughts, and, occasionally, people read it. I've already had article links from four sites that I know of and have made the permalink list on two. Seeing your name in print, even if it's another blogger, is fun. Getting positive E-mail (no hate mail yet) is enriching. There is a concurrance of opinion from most bloggers, which leans generally right-of-center with a strong libertarian bent. However, I think that there is also a broad variety of opinion within Blogistan within that framework, with neocons and libertarians having ongoing food fights. The global nature of the Internet is another element in the richness of Blogistan. I'm E-mailing Croatian libertarians and Canadian humorists, and laughing at/with an English mom and a Australian satirist. Reading Canadian blogs was helpful in understanding the recent cabinet shakeup-you get background and history links that the mainstream press doesn't give. The European bloggers give perspective on international affairs and economics that American or European media doesn't give. Blogs can cut to the chase, machine gun herds of sacred cows and give incisive commentary not found elsewhere. You'll also get more than a bit of attitude and occasional venom, but that flavors the international gumbo of opinion. ByronBlog recipe-start with a BS in Political Science, add a MBA, a masters-degree-level background in Economics and a Ph.D. in Finance, season with sixteen years of Bible studies and Sunday School classes, spice with a lifelong interest in sports, history, music and geography/culture and wrap in a punny well-written style. Blogging allows all those skills to come together, talking about Steve Spurrier one minute and geopolitics the next. I hope I can shed some light on a subject or two, tickle a funny-bone or generally make someone's day a little bit better. I think this blog is a net joytron producer, and that's all I can hope for. Kevin Holtsberry has a good piece bouncing off of Cavanaugh, "Why I Blog"

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