Friday, January 25, 2002

Grossed out- To Little Sanity-The Fresh Air comment was talking content rather than quality, but the quality's good. She had to start somewhere a quarter century ago when she was 11. ;-) If you haven't heard this NPR show, check out Todd Mundt. He has a 1-2PM show on Michigan Radio which would seem to be Blogistani-friendly. He covers a lot of science, history and sociology as well as a few trips into movies and books. No annoying callers, either, just a good smart Everyman host and an interesting guest. [ Update-I gave his site a once-over- HE IS a Blogistani-but hasn't posted since Christmas] LS has a good link to a New Republic piece by editor Marty Peretz on the Saudi's unvarnished. Being a Christian there, especially a evangelical who'd want to put in a plug for Jesus, is very hard. This is the kind of piece that earns TNR a permalink. They're neolibs, but honest ones who'll occasionally press charges. I'll be impressed more times as I'm ticked, which about is Samizdata's batting average as well.

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