Sunday, January 20, 2002

Good game to go to- The Pistons rallied from 17 back to pull out a 94-91 win in my first live NBA game. The natives were restless (it's January in Michigan but I hear a flock of boo-birds) early as a string of close calls went Boston's way and Antoine Walker was unconsious from three-point range. My ticket benefactor Alan, who refs locally, was complementing Dee Kantner's work while torching the other two guys. The Pistons went on a defensive jihad for the last ten minutes, holding Boston to nine points in the fourth, bringing the fans to their feet without PA and jumbotron prompting. Other than the typical highway robbery at concessions ($3 sodas, $3 hot dogs, $7 beer for Alan) the trip was good. It was interesting to watch a game without commercials and play-by-play commentary (we'd supply our own). It was interesting to see the gimmicks that went down during commercial breaks. They had a kindergarten dunk contest with 4' rims and half-sized ball, the tyke who did a 360 5' out before dunking got more applause than the chunky kid who did his gorilla power dunk that nearly brought the standard down. The had the donut-shop race, where the coffee sprinted past the bagel at the wire to win the lower bowl a free beverage at the sponser. They also had the standard NBA dance crew for the guys to ogle. They would also have frequent exhortations to make noise in the commercial breaks, running mini-videos to get the crowd noisy. A good time was had by all.

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