Thursday, January 17, 2002

Four-Peat in the Great White North- Chretien took a "walk in the snow"- a phrase Trudeau used in his retirement speech describing when he decided to quit-and decided to stay. A major cabinet shuffle also took place, with John Manley becoming deputy PM, retiring old deputy PM Herb Gray to the US-Canada Great Lakes pollution-control board. Fellow Newfies are baffled over former provincial premier Brian Tobin's retiring from parliament at age 47 for no apparent good reason other than the stock "to spend more time with his family". The speculated explanation is that he was wasn't going to get past Paul Martin to succeed Chretien. The Happy Fun Pundit has extended coverage, but they passed on an obvious line on ethically-challenged public works minister Alfonso Gagliano being appointed ambassador to Denmark. If there isn't something rotten in Denmark now, there will be shortly.

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