Sunday, January 27, 2002

Female Suicide Bombers? I'm still not sure what to think at this point, other than you can stick a fork in what's left of the "peace process"-it's not just done, it's crispy critters. Char-coal. Hasta-la-bye-bye. With the US all-but-ready to tell Yasser where to stick it, you can expect Israel to (1) pick the boundary it wants to defend, (2) make sure there is a minimum of Palestinians on the Israeli side of the line and (3) build a really big wall around the boundary. This will tick off the Arab world, but they will do little to stop it. This will be an u-g-h-l-y, Ugh-ly year, with a lot of blood spilled, but this will be what Israel needs to do to get to shalom.

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