Saturday, January 26, 2002

Dodgeblog has a goodie from AG Ashcroft-"Islam is a religion in which God requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sends His Son to die for you." Dodge proceeds to rip Ashcroft a new one for the statement, citing the injustices done by believers in the past. Mr. Dodge seems to mix together all nominal adherents of the faith. In Northern Ireland, the Catholic-Protestant fight is ethnic rather than religious, with ethnic Protestants and ethnic Catholics resenting each other based more on tribalism (and past discrimination against Catholics) than transubstantiation. Catholic Croatians and Orthodox Serbs don't like each other, either. WWI was fought primarily amongst nominally Christian countries, as was the American Revolution and Civil War. Godly men and women were on both sides of each war. Each of these wars would have been prevented if the leaders on both sides actually practiced their faith and treated their fellow man properly. There was an old joke about The Troubles-"Why can't the Protestants and Catholics act more like Christians?" If both were, we'd have no problem. The Crusades were a defensive war with nominal Christians looking to kick Islamic invaders out, even though there were plenty of unbiblical activities by the Crusaders. Salidin comes away looking more noble than a lot of the "Christians." In many wars, people will use the flag of religion to justify looting, rape and pillage. The Serbs who gang raped Kosovars and Bosnians weren't following Biblical principals while doing so. Someone could come up with a counter example of someone devoutly trashing an enemy, but history is littered with more nominal belivers abusing their faith in wartime. For instance, many of the IRA are Catholic like the Godfather dons were Catholic. I remember one scene where one of the dons was a principal at a baptism, vowing to reject Satan, while at the same time, we see his guys performing multiple hits on his rivals. It's that hypocritical, ungodly spirit that creates most of the carnage that Dodge is ripping on, not an honest effort at following Jesus.

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