Sunday, January 27, 2002

Busy day, caught the last 8 minutes of the Rams/Eagles after our church "Friends Group" was done. It was a bit nervous for me, since I was leading the devotional for a group that included our new administrative pastor and the music minister. It went very well, as I put my blogging aside this morning to do some prepping, and was pointed to the first part of Romans 8. I never had to reach for my notes, as good questions flowed and conversation was sparked without much help from me. The Holy Spirit ran the study better than I would have. I'm happy for Dave, our host tonight and new admin pastor. He's seems straight from central casting for the 40ish church elder, humble yet earnest, looking like (in a good way) Ollie North's kid brother. He's a smart computer programmer/administrator who left his job with a computer services firm when they wanted him to be more ruthless than he was willing to be. God blessed him with this position in the church, as staffing shifts opened up a position tailor-made for him just as he was set to leave his old job.

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