Thursday, January 17, 2002

BraveLaw- Three law students subdued an armed former student after he killed three people in Virginia. This is a sign of the "Let's roll" mentality from 9/11 going into non-aviation situations. It signifies a growth of a communitarian spirit, where more people will put their lives on the line for the common good rather than running for the nearest exit. Even though three people died in this incident, it's a warm fuzzy in that you can see an improved America. It may be heterodox to say so, but I think we're a better off as a country because of 9/11. True, we lost many lives that day, but we saved even more in Afghanistan by kicking out the Taliban and getting better food aid to a troubled people. The bad guys are on the run as never before. In addition, people have more respect for the military and public safety officers, more respect for God and have brought "evil" back into the vocabulary.

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